God is good, not just nice

Sometimes when I say that God is good, people hear “God is nice”. Then depending on their grid, they often dismiss my thoughts as wrong, even heretical or they imagine the Father as a caricature sugar daddy. But His goodness is bigger than being nice. Being nice requires someone to be nice to, but being …

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1 Attack = 7 Breakthroughs

I had a series of nightmares a couple of nights ago but, when I woke up, I heard, “1 attack = 7 breakthroughs”. I love the way our Father does the math. I knew I had heard something like that before in scripture so I looked it up. Deut 28:1 “And if you faithfully obey …

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An Honor Culture

A culture of honor is not a culture filled with people who insist on being honored, but one filled with people who insist on being honorable. The former would simply be a culture of entitlement dressed up in the clothing and language of honor. At best, this would be an expression of immaturity and insecurity. …

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A Crisis of Faith

The other day I was called into action, to urgently assist during a crisis of faith… My friend was very worried, troubled even. He was unsure where his next meal was coming from. The provision he had grown accustomed to, had apparently dried up. Up and down he paced, back and forth he walked. His …

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